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About Us:

We have been around since 1997, Started by two guys running around fixing friends and family computer systems. then when the companies they worked for needed computer assistance and network repair, we was hired to maintain and fix computer and networks for many business and residential clients. By word of moth we continue to  grow and becoming stronger everyday.

We are looking forward to continue helping you with your Internet and computer needs for many years to come! 

PCstar Services would like to thank you!
Thanks for letting PCstar be your service provider.

PCstar Services knows that when you involve yourself with something you like, you tell others, and we want you to feel a sense of ownership.
We are providing you with our one on one personal services and really do care what you think.
We want to keep in communiactions with you!
Please email us at ( and let us know what you think about PCstar Services and how we are doing, with this feedback we can only improve our services and become better and stronger,

We want to also take this opportunity to let you know that this has been a great 2 years for our company. Pcstar has grown by leaps and bounds this year and it's all thanks to wonderful, loyal customers like you!

As a result of our growth you will be sure to see MANY new features added to our offering including some new products and services including.

1. Lower prices on most of our internet services.
2. Many new DSL and Broadband packages with lower prices.
3.Discounted web hosting, domain name registration services and web site design.3. Wireless 4.Network and internet Access including satellite.
5. Local Telephone and nationwide wired telephone services and long distance services including VOIP.
6. Wireless Phone Services.

--The Pcstar Team!